A new commodity: intimacy

Excerpts from Consequences of a misuse of electricity. On the experimental phase of capitalism of the spirit, José Manuel Rojo. Published in Salamandra 11-12 (Grupo Surrealista de Madrid)

“The commodities that the new technologies are putting in motion are, basically and precisely, thoughts, feelings, illusions and dreams, obsessions and desires, secrets and confessions of men and women…


Three Years Since the Massacre at San Miguel Prison

It’s been three years since the massacre at San Miguel prison, where 81 male prisoners died. This terrible act openly exposed the critical state of the penitentiary system, the dramatic reality of the lives of prisoners in Chilean jails, which for years have maintained overpopulation to the point of exceeding 300% overflow of their capacity; this is the case of the Lebu jail (with a 306% deficit in 2010) and the Buin jail (with a 600% deficit in 2010).


The Black Seed of Our Convictions

The first round is won by a blank paper, its whiteness is intimidating and I think about recent events, over and over… I’m refreshed during the night and the letters come, taking control of this small battleground that the paper has become. Still, though I have always been just there out of sight, today the words fly, carrying me to you all, because today, on this day which symbolizes so many hardships, I won’t stay in the shadows like usual, like every day since August 14th, 2010.