I believe that writing is always a form of conversation, and I think carefully about whom I might be having a conversation with, the story I want to tell, and how I want to tell it. Iā€™m obsessed with voice, with constructing the perfect echo of an idea.

Writing copy for me is an exercise in this - creating and strengthening voice and telling a story. When I travel, I am reminded that place is as much a verb as a noun, and that our experience of the world is necessarily an active apprehension of geography, circumstance, discomfort, history, and everything else that hits you in the skull when a plane lands. I aim to convey this as viscerally as possible.

Having spent much of my life on the road in Latin America, I also speak fluent Spanish with a firm and growing knowledge of regional colloquialisms, and I use this skill in translation, to preserve and to further the voices and stories of others - in technical writing, in political writing, in fiction, or wherever the need arises.

My work has been published online and in print, for audiences all over the world. My enthusiasm for finding words is bolstered by formidable ability and experience, and I am always interested in new projects.

Inquiries, rates, CV: leijia.hanrahan@gmail.com